Welcome to the thriving world of Agnee Transmissions (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of Planetary, Worm, Bevel. Bevel Helical and Helical gearbox and gear motors, Shaft Mounted Gear Reducers, parallel shaft helical gear motors, 90 Degreed angled bevel Helical Gear Box and gear motor, Shaft mounted gear motor and gear box and Helical inline gear motor.

Gear Motor

Helical Inline Gear Motor : AM Series
Bevel Helical 90 degree angled Gear Motor: AK Series
Parallel Shaft, shaft mounted Helical Gear motor: AF Series
Input Power :0.18 KW to 90 KW
Transmission Ratio : 1.4-250
Mounting Structure : Foot & Flange Mounted

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Helical and Bevel Helical Gear box

Helical Gear box: H1, H2, H3, H4
Bevel Helical Gearbox: B2, B3, B4
Gear Reduction Ratio : 1.2 – 637:1
Input Power : 0.61 KW to 5,000 kW
Torque : Up to 117,000 Nm

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Worm Gear box

Adaptable Worm Gear box
Vertical Worm Gear box
Horizontal Worm Gear box
Worm Gear Motor
Center Distances from 40 mm to 400 mm
Gear Reduction Ratios from 5:1 to 4900:1
Single Gear Reduction, Double Gear Reduction

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Planetary Gear Motor and Gearbox

: B-201 to B-1504,
B-201B to B-904B
Ratio: 3.33 to 2531
Torque : 300 to 15,00,000 Nm

Crane Duty Helical Gearbox

Model : HA, HB, HC, VC
: 1.83 to 126.78
Input Power : 1 hp to 529 hp

Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

Model : B, C, D, E, F, G, H
Gear Ratios : 5:1, 13:1 and 20:1
Input Power: up to 280kW
(Shaft mounted speed reducer – SMSR)

Agnee Transmissions (I) P Ltd is manufacturers of optimum quality Industrial Gearbox, Crane Duty Helical Gear box, Helical Inline Gear Motor or Geared Motors, Shaft mounted Parallel Shaft gear motor, Bevel Helical 90 Degree angled gear motor and gearbox, shaft mounted gear reducer,  and Spiral Bevel Gear Set etc. The gear motor manufactured by us High torque geared motor and provide wide variety of low RPM gear motor like most popular 20 RPM motor, 5 RPM motor, 2 RPM motor or even fraction RPM motor. The motor gear box is gear reducer that is directly coupled with Induction motor, either 3 phase motor or single phase motor of your choice. You can assemple or fit on your machine as easily as you fit your Electric Induction motor. No need to couple the gear reducer with electric motor, no alignment between the gear reducer or the electric motor.

We have in house and state-of-the-art facilities for the complete manufacturing to provide reliable and efficient product and services. We are focused to provide a complete gear service, from design engineering and product development, to complete manufacture and sales of gearboxes and related gear reducer  mechanisms. Today, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the distinguished Gearbox manufacturers and suppliers, based in India.

ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, we have achieved is the proof of authenticity and quality of the precision gearbox and gear motor. Integrity, honesty and quality are the cornerstones of the entity and on the grounds of them. We have earned various projects from Govt. sector, large scale industries and small scale industries. Last but not the least, the firm trust of the valuable clients inspires us to move ahead in the industry and touch the peak of success.