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Pump Jack Helical Gearbox

The AGNEE PUMP JACK HELICAL GEARBOXES are widely acceptable and are used in pump jacks for oil (petroleum) exploration from the oil wells.

  • The AGNEE Pump Jack Helical Gearboxes are made of Close Grain Cast Iron.
  • They are rugged, corrosion resistant and absorb shock and vibration.
  • The Reducer Gearing is Helical type made from high quality alloy steel, hobbed, case hardened, tempered and surface finish and profile ground to class 10 AGMA quality with a 2.0 Service Factor (Best in the industry).  That leads to a very good efficiency and a quiet working condition.
  • The shafts are from alloy steel forging or heat treated Bars.
  • Bearings are fitted on a ground journal and are taper roller type.
  • These are heavy duty units with superior self oiling systems for extended life in the field.
  • These units have oil level indicators for easier preventive maintenance.
  • The product conforms to the international quality needs.

     Available in following Sizes:

  • AGNEE 10 (for 10,000 IN.LBS Pump Jacks)
  • AGNEE 16 (for 16,000 IN.LBS Pump Jacks)
  • AGNEE 25 (for 25,000 IN. LBS Pump Jacks)
  • AGNEE 40 (For 40,000 IN.LBS Pump Jacks)

Pumpjack Helical Gearboxes
Pump jack Helical Gearboxes

Pump Jack Helical Gearbox
Pump Jack Helical Gearbox


Pump Jack Helical Gear Box
16,000 lbs

Technical Parameter

Pump Jack Helical Gear Box
40,000 lbs

Technical Parameter

Torque 16, 000 in lbs Torque 40, 000 in lbs
Ratio 36.7 to 1 Ratio 30:1 to 1
Center Distance 11.198" Center Distance 16.631"
Outside Dimensions 25" x 14" x 20.25" Outside Dimensions 32.5" x 19" x 30"
Input 1.375" Input 1.50"
Output 2.50" Output 3.250"
Net Weight 322 lbs Net Weight 750 lbs


Inline Helical Geared Motor
Inline Helical Geared Motor
Model: M-03 to M-14 Series
Input power: 0.18KW-90KW ;
Transmission ratio: 1.4-250

Horizontal Worm Gearbox

Horizontal Worm Gearbox
Ratio from 5:1 to 4900:1
Center Distances from 40 mm to 400 mm;
Single Stage or Multiple Stage Reduction;
Teeth Size from 1 module

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