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Rack and Pinion

Agnee manufacture custom precious Gear Rack and Pinion in both Spur and Helical tooth form in steel, stainless steel , cast iron , brass , bronze, plastic, hylam etc.

Heat treatment facility is also offered. Continuous length of Gear Racks up to 2500mm are possible. Agnee has a dedicated facility for preicision Gear Rack and Pinion cutting in volume ensuring quality at highly competitive prices.

Specifications of Rack and Pinion gears

  1.0 Module/ 25 D.P. to 12 Module/2.1 D.P.

  Face Widths up to 250 mm/9"

  In Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened and Tempered Steels , Case carburised,  Case Hardened Steels, Cast
   Iron or as specified

  Custom made as per Specifications, Drawing or Sample

  Automotive and Industrial use

Gear Rack and Pinion
Rack and Pinion Gear

Required information for quotation :

            Material of Construction eg. Steel.

  Teeth Specifications Module, pitch.

    Dimensions: Face Width, Length.
             Hardening and tempering required etc.

  Holding holes if any, Quantity, Any other requirement

Metric Imperial

Min. Pitch

0.5 mod 50DP

Max. (full depth)

20 mod 1DP

Max. Face Width

250 mod 10''

Max. Overall Width

500 mm 20''

Max. Height

300 mm 12''

Max. Length

2500 mm

Tooth Forms to

14 1/2˚, 20˚, 25˚


Full Depth and stub Spur or Helical to 45˚ PA




Inline Helical Geared Motor
Inline Helical Geared Motor
Model: M-03 to M-14 Series
Input power: 0.18KW-90KW ;
Transmission ratio: 1.4-250

Horizontal Worm Gearbox

Horizontal Worm Gearbox
Ratio from 5:1 to 4900:1
Center Distances from 40 mm to 400 mm;
Single Stage or Multiple Stage Reduction;
Teeth Size from 1 module

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