HOT: Applications open for Summer Internship

Applications invited for Summer internships on projects – 3D printer, 3D scanner, CNC routers. Engineering Students from Computer Science, IT, Electronics and Electrical, Mechanical can apply. Management and communication students are also invited.

    You have a vision idea?  We will provide guidance and infrastructure to execute it
    You have a business idea. It could be technical, legal, commercial, social, just whatever you can imagine. We provide you help to make it real.
    Providing infrastructure and guidance for practical exams and industrial training.

Who can apply?
Anyone who has an idea or a dream. So, if you are an engineer with an innovative product which you need to work on, apply here. You can be a school drop out, MBA, Lawyer or anything who just has a crazy idea and needs a place to bring it to reality and people who can guide you to succeed in business, apply here. We will be helping you in Incubation, Entrepreneur assistance, Technology and Development, Industry Mentor-ship, Idea actualisation, Product development, Market access and Networking.

What will you get here?

A desk with Internet connection to start with, A guide to help you out in technical or commercial advice. And a community of fellow crackpots to share your vision, pain and laughter.

We are focused, but not limited to Robotics, IOT( Internet Of Things), AgriTech, Mechatronics, Electronics, Mechanicals, Electricals, Computers, Mobile devices, E-commerce, M-commerce etc.

Who are we?
Agnee Transmissions (I) P Ltd is part of a 40 year old Engineering group engaged in heavy, precision and critical engineering products and projects. A Lab has been setup within the premises to help innovators.

                                 APPLY HERE



Neel Ade (Class 12) working on his 3D printer                                                                                                                                                 3D Printer @ Agnee

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