Crane Duty Helical Gearbox

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AGNEE CRANE DUTY HELICAL GEARBOXES one built on modular concept of construction conformation to is standards with respect to sizes, dimensions. This provides economics mass production, comprehensive maintenance of stocks, favorable delivery period and easy of servicing.

Crane Duty Helical Gearboxes are available in following types

1. Single Stage Horizontal HA Type Gearbox
2. Double Stage Horizontal HB Type Gearbox
3. Triple Stage Horizontal HC Type Gearbox
4. Triple Stage Vertical VC Type Gearbox

Rigid, robust, torsion resistant housing in high quality close grained Grey Cast Iron generously proportioned to ensure proper radiation of any heat generated when Units are operated at their maximum capacity Suitable ribs are placed underneath the bearing seats for strength and the walls are of sufficient thickness to withstand the most severe stresses encountered during operation. On request the housing is manufactured of fabricated construction. Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel can be supplied if required.

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