Planetary Gearbox

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Agnee Planetary Gearbox can be used in various Industrial applications operated by Electric motor and Hydraulic motor.

Technical Specifications of Agnee Planetary Gearbox :

Reduction Ratio :  3.6 to 7000:1
Output Torque : 10 Nm to 1,450,000 Nm
Input Power : 0.25 HP to 300 HP (0.18 Kw to 224 Kw)
Mounting Type : Flange/ Foot
Prime Mover : Electric Motor / Hydraulic Motor
Input Type : Male Shaft, Hollow Input
Output Type : Male Shaft, Hollow Input, Spline Shaft


Planetary Reduction Gearbox consist of an Internal toothed Ring Gear to which are set 3 Planets mounted on the Planet Carrier engaging also with the Sun Gear (Pinion) and reduced output speed is taken through Planet Carrier and Ring Gear is remain stationary. Output shaft maintaining the same direction of rotation as Input.

Salient Features Planetary Gearbox:

High Reduction Ratios, Power Saving, High Efficiency Long Life, Space-Saving Compactness, Higher Overload Capacity, Reliable and Trouble-Free Service, Compact and Co-Axial Sturdy, No-Self Locking Property.

We require the following Technical Data and Information for selection of Planetary Reduction Gearbox.

2)Prime Mover (Electric motor / Hydraulic motor) :
3)Input Shaft (rpm)
4)Output Speed (rpm)
5)Reduction Ratio
6)Input Power (HP/ Kw)
7)Output Torque (kg-m or Nm)
8)Load Nature Uniform (U)/ Moderate Shock (M) / Heavy shock (H):
9)Service Duration (Hrs)
(Daily operating hours)
10)Operating Cycle (Minutes cycle)
11)Operating Position.

Applications of Planetary gearbox:

Machine tools, plastic machinery, goods & personnel lifts, Derrick & Dockyard Cranes, material handling equipments, truck mounted mobile cranes, dredging equipments, road making machinery, sugar crystallizers and mill drives.

Industries covered :

Planetary gearbox is used in power industry, steel plants, sugar plants.

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